What We Teach

Whether it’s with private lessons, duets, or group classes, the caring and knowledgeable instructors at Plumbline are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.


Our instruction is based on the belief that Pilates has the power to truly transform your body—regardless of your fitness level. Our proudest moments are when our clients tell us how confident, strong, and competent they feel as a result of our lessons.


If you’re new to Pilates, we recommend starting with some private lessons before moving on to group classes (this is required before attending a reformer class). Private lessons give us the opportunity to get to know you and your unique needs. The focused, hands-on instruction also ensures that you’re doing all the exercises properly and safely so you can get the most out of our classes. Duets are ideal for two people who are at a similiar fitness level and wish to do Pilates together using the equipment.


At Plumbline Pilates, we offer the following small-group classes in addition to private lessons:


  • MAT Classes offer a series of floor work exercises designed to connect you to your core, while making you stronger and more flexible.

  • EQUIPMENT classes offer a varied and rigorous workout using the Pilates Chair, Reformer and Cadillac. Our small classes ensure a personalized experience. Boot Camp classes intended for healthy participants

  • AWARNESS THROUGH MOVEMENT use slow, mindful movements to achieve powerful effects in terms of strength, flexibility, and holistic integration of body and mind.You leave feeling relaxed, centered and able to focus. Based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais


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Covid-19 Update We are going virtual to help us all social distance at this time. Please know that we can still teach you both private lessons and mat classes using zoom, facetime and whatsapp. 

No equipment? No problem!

We will improvise.

Please text 720-938-7001 for the fastest response. Thank you for your continued support! Jessica Rothman-studio owner

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