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The classical Pilates Method, taught by dedicated and thoughtful teachers, can transform your body—and your life. But don’t take it from us. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the changes they’ve seen since working with Plumbline.



“As a teacher myself, I can say without hesitation that Jessica is an awesome teacher! She has helped me to gain increased mobility in my spine and improve my posture significantly. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Tom, 45


​“My husband and I both enjoy Pilates classes with Jessica for core strength and flexibility. I started classes with Jessica and appreciated her personal touch, professionalism, and challenge. Then, after a few years, my husband started taking courses. He was reluctant but he is now hooked. When we leave the classes, we both feel more flexible, and more 'tuned in' to our bodies... and love the core strengthening.”

Janet, 50 & and John, 51


“I LOVE Plumbline Pilates and the owner Jessica! My entire goal when beginning the program was to become stronger. I have met that goal with the added benefit of increased flexibility. My clothes even fit better. And this is the strange part, I actually look forward to my weekly workouts! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jessica and Plumbline Pilates!”

Vicki Rubin, 62


“Plumbline Pilates helped me get back in shape after having a baby. I used to have frequent neck pain and headaches. I am now getting stronger and am pain free. I am much happier when I do Pilates.”

Haily, 34


“Since beginning Pilates I have a more positive attitude, more strength and flexibility, and better posture."

Lindsey, 56


“I have lost inches from my abs, along with cutting inches in other spots. My body is stronger, my posture better, and I have a unique calm feeling. Pilates has been a major benefit to my overall health.”

Dottie, 26


“I feel slimmer, taller, and my posture has improved. I have less pain. I’ve learned how to deal with injuries and fatigue better through my knowledge of Pilates. It’s also improved my strength and endurance for running.”

Karli, 28


“My bone density rating has improved in the last 18 months. I stand taller, walk better, sit better, and breathe better. I would not want to do without my regular Pilates class.”

Colette, 68


“Jessica communicates well and is able to convey the principals of Pilates in a straightforward manner. Since doing Pilates my body is more balanced and aligned, I have stronger abdominal muscles, better overall posture and less low back pain.”

Chuck, 50


“Since pregnancy, I had been having problems with an unstable SI joint, low back pain, and hip pain. After consistently doing Pilates with Jessica, I am stable and pain free.”

Molly, 34


“Pilates has improved my running. I feel stronger overall and have less back pain. My core strength has increased, which has helped my form and significantly improved my overall endurance.”

Michele, 35


“Before I started Pilates, I had recurring pain in my neck and both hips due to osteoarthritis. Now I am more limber and I have virtually no pain. I often forget I have arthritis!”

Kristin, 49


“I started doing Pilates to be able to work out, get stronger, and stay flexible without getting hurt. My core is much stronger, even doing Pilates only two days a week. I’ve been able to pursue an intense skiing schedule with rigorous demands on my body.”

Jay, 49


“I can feel myself developing stomach muscles for the first time in my life! I always feel better after class. I have more energy and a general sense of well being.”

Pat, 53

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