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How to Choose a Pilates Studio


When Choosing a Pilates Studio. . . 



Pilates has exploded in popularity in the past decade, which is wonderful because it means more people are reaping the benefits of this incredible practice. Unfortunately, it also means that some fly-by-night operations have popped up, offering a watered-down (or worse) version of the Pilates Method. Here are some questions to ask to make sure you’re getting the real deal.


1. What is your studio’s philosophy?

At Plumbline Pilates our instructors are caring and knowledgeable.  We believe that Pilates has the power to truly transform your body—regardless of your fitness level. Plumbline's instructors are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.


2. What sort of training do your instructors have?

Most of our teachers are graduates from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.  This comprehensive one year training program includes over 900 hours of lectures, practice teaching and testing.  All teachers that graduate are able to teach beginning through advanced Pilates on all equipment.


3. How long have you been teaching?

At Plumbline Pilates our teachers have a combined fifty years of teaching experience.  There’s nothing wrong with choosing a new teacher, but if you have any special considerations, you might want to go with someone with more experience.


4. Do you have experience dealing with my [injury/condition/body type/goals]?

Any form of exercise can pose risks if not done properly, and Pilates is no exception. Make sure you’re choosing an instructor who knows how to work with your particular situation—not only so you don’t get injured, but also so you can achieve your goals.


5. Are your teachers certified to teach on all the equipment?

Pilates instructors have a wealth of tools at their disposal, ranging from small equipment like bands, balls, and rollers to large apparatuses like the Reformer, the Chair, and the Cadillac. Each one is uniquely designed to tap into the body’s potential—if it’s used properly. Before working on any of the equipment, make sure your instructor has been adequately trained on it.  All of the teachers at Plumbline Pilates have comprehensive training on all of the equipment in our studio.


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