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Parkinson's Excercise 


This 60 minute class lays a base for people with Parkinson’s who are newcomers to Parkinson’s Disease exercise. This non-Pilates based class incorporates exercises that target specific deficits and focuses on strength, balance and flexibility. In addition, the exercises are enhanced to include cognition, voice and fun. 


This class is part of the Parkinson’s Network exercise classes started by Gary Sobel in Boulder.  Classes are enhanced by camaraderie, cognition, voice and FUN! Parkinson’s Network exercise classes are dramatically changing the lives of participants who attend classes regularly. In fact, many of our class participants came to us as a result of a neurologist recommendation.


Parkinson’s Network exercise classes help by using three guiding principles:

1. OVERCOME challenges

2. IMPROVE quality of life

3. RESTORE functions



Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30

Space is limited to five people per class

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